The business case for cloud computing

Before your organisation makes a conclusive decision on whether to adopt cloud or not, it is imperative to consider what your business can expect to achieve from technology and the benefits on offer:

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How to securely manage and benefit from Big Data

Big data allows companies to pull together related information and generate a snapshot of a customer in an instant. For example, information relating to phone calls, personal details, order history and invoicing can be connected, which has significant advantages in terms of delivering quality customer service and increasing productivity. However, with this comes a security challenge as data that would have been previously meaningless when viewed alone, becomes connected to a whole wealth of information that can lead to confidential details being exposed.

The need to move information throughout an organisation has the potential to leave companies more exposed to hackers and other cyber criminals. The more times a piece of data is sent and received, the more opportunities there are for it to be intercepted. This creates the need for a secure means of storing data and running applications.

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Don’t become a headline: IT Security Workshops

Register your place at one of our workshops today to learn how you can protect against internal and external IT threats and ensure your business makes the headlines for the right reasons.


Thursday 2nd May 2013 – Hilton Grosvenor, Edinburgh
Thursday 9th May 2013 – Hilton Newcastle Gateshead, Newcastle

Registration: 9:30am
Finish: 12:30pm (approx.)


Many organisations have found themselves in the headlines for the wrong reasons as a result of their IT systems, social media platforms and sensitive data being compromised by IT threats that are becoming ever-more sophisticated.

To help prepare your business, Onyx Group’s industry-leading security experts are holding a series of FREE informative workshops on 2nd May at Hilton, Grosvenor Edinburgh – 9:30am-12:30pm and 9th May at Hilton, Newcastle Gateshead – 9:30am-12:30pm to highlight the most common IT threats. We will demonstrate how your business can prevent such threats using the latest security measures & techniques.

Learn about:

  • Why your IT systems can get compromised
  • How the new breed of anti-virus software can protect your corporate systems and reputation
  • Strengthening access to your networks & critical information through stronger multi-factor authentication and more!

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Message from Neil Stephenson, CEO at Onyx Group: 2e2 Data Centre Services

It has become public knowledge that we provide data centre services for 2e2 and would like to provide an update on the current status and future of their data. We are aware of various public statements that have been made on 2e2’s website and are keen to add to those and belay any concerns or fears. We understand the critical nature of your data and I want to reassure any of 2e2’s customers that have data within one of our secure data centres that we are working to keep their service running.

2e2 has a diverse range of customers all with data storage and hosting needs and so I would like to invite anyone with concerns over the security of their data to get in touch with Onyx. Technology is such an important part of business operation today and so the safeguarding of your data in a secure environment is the main priority for us. Please contact me with any questions by emailing

Choosing a Cloud to suit your business: Assessing the benefits of Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing by its very nature is diverse and is characterised by the various models and services in which it can be implemented. Whilst the concept of cloud computing is fairly simple to understand – storing data on third party computer servers and accessing it via the internet – there are three different models in which a cloud computing service can be deployed. These are public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. Which model is best for you is dependent upon your business requirements.

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Onyx Group Invests in Scotland as more Businesses Demand IT Support

National IT provider Onyx Group today announced that it is making a six-figure investment into Scotland to expand its 24/7 IT support service.

Onyx has also expanded its data centre in Edinburgh to add further rack capacity for data storage, reflecting the increased demand for outsourced IT solutions that ensure data is protected and IT systems are operational with minimal disruption.

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Realising the Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

Understanding its potential and eliminating risk
Authored by Neil Stephenson, CEO, Onyx Group

The adoption of cloud solutions is increasing across the world as companies realise the many benefits. These include flexibility to scale storage capacity up or down depending on requirements and the accessibility of data whether users are in the office or working on multiple sites.

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Flooding: The Importance of Having a Business Continuity Plan

The Environment Agency has today issued nearly 225 flood warnings and 300 flood alerts across the UK, creating a need for businesses up and down the country to consider whether they have adequate business continuity plans in place.

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Why your systems are targeted for attack

In a digital world where security breaches are becoming ever-more sophisticated and common place.

Onyx Group’s Hosting and Security Consultant Andrew Waite discusses how and why your business systems could be under attack, and the necessary measures needed to help prevent a breach. Read more

Ensuring Compliance with Stringent Data Security Regulations

A review of compliance requirements faced by financial sector organisations.

Compliance Requirements in the Financial Sector

Banking and financial services companies are faced with increasingly stringent compliance requirements when managing their data. Compliance requirements can relate to anything from data backup to how the original data is stored, creating a need for safe and reliable data storage solutions. Read more