Onyx Group Invests in Scotland as more Businesses Demand IT Support

National IT provider Onyx Group today announced that it is making a six-figure investment into Scotland to expand its 24/7 IT support service.

Onyx has also expanded its data centre in Edinburgh to add further rack capacity for data storage, reflecting the increased demand for outsourced IT solutions that ensure data is protected and IT systems are operational with minimal disruption.

The development of Onyx Group’s 24/7 support service reflects a general trend of businesses outsourcing their IT helpdesk function to providers like Onyx who can quickly and efficiently manage any IT issues firms may experience either internally or with external communications.

In an age where IT failure can result in significant damage to brand reputation, as well as disruption to service, the 24/7 IT support offered by Onyx also gives peace of mind to businesses across Scotland. One high profile customer is Edinburgh Airport, which relies on its IT infrastructure being fully functional in order to operate an average of 311 flights per day with minimal disruption.*

Hugh Gillen, Onyx Group Director, based in Scotland said: “We are noticing an increasing trend towards outsourcing or co-sourcing IT requirements for extra resilience against IT issues and to complement in-house skills. For example, by hosting servers in our data centres, companies can protect against common in-house risks such as power outages and connectivity failures.”

As part of this service, Onyx Group, which has a number of data centres across the UK including both Edinburgh and Glasgow, is helping to boost employment in Scotland, creating a number of job openings to date.

Gillen continued: “Scotland is a key part of our ambitious growth strategy as we continue to expand our Scotland-based clients and the services that we can deliver. We are pleased that we are able to offer businesses greater support, while also creating more employment opportunities through our 24/7 support service.

“Businesses are increasingly operating 24/7, with one of the reasons for this being greater international trading. To meet customer demand, our technicians are available to provide phone support around the clock, ensuring that IT systems are fully operational with minimal or no downtime. As we have a number of datacentres across the UK, we are also able to replicate data across these for added protection against data loss or corruption.”

Onyx Group has 10 sites throughout the UK including Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Newcastle, Teesside and Sheffield. This includes five fully owned datacentres and six workplace recovery facilities.

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