Message from Neil Stephenson, CEO at Onyx Group: 2e2 Data Centre Services

It has become public knowledge that we provide data centre services for 2e2 and would like to provide an update on the current status and future of their data. We are aware of various public statements that have been made on 2e2’s website and are keen to add to those and belay any concerns or fears. We understand the critical nature of your data and I want to reassure any of 2e2’s customers that have data within one of our secure data centres that we are working to keep their service running.

2e2 has a diverse range of customers all with data storage and hosting needs and so I would like to invite anyone with concerns over the security of their data to get in touch with Onyx. Technology is such an important part of business operation today and so the safeguarding of your data in a secure environment is the main priority for us. Please contact me with any questions by emailing

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